Discover Newport > 2019 Edition

Time to get wild!

Get yourself peddling on over to Wilder Ranch for some Mountain Biking.

Wilder Ranch was shut down in the spring due to Covid-19, but now that the leaves are changing and fall is arriving Wilder is back open! A permit is needed to access, but that can be easily attained by sending an email to and an auto-reply will be sent with instructions. The permit is free of charge. 


Wilder features many trails from beginner to intermediate levels of difficultly. It is also home to the Coast Hills Classic. You can find trails such as My Humps, Crazy Train, Cougar, and even Drop Zone which is known to be steep, fast, and technical. If you are looking for a real challenge, bike out the 11-mile race loop.


Mountain Biking can be for everyone, no fancy mountain bike required. You can start with a basic bike, just make sure you have brakes! If you’re wanting to get started, a great way would be to get yourself in the fast lane (or whatever lane you wanna be in) and head over to your local bike shop.