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Big Creek Reservoir - hiking or fishing

Grab your fishing pole and head out to the deep blue sea or head out to this well-stocked pond!

Just north of town in Agate Beach, you can find the Big Creek Reservoir which is a known fishing hole for many locals. There are two reservoirs known to be stocked with trout, so if one hole isn’t biting head on over to the other one. The second one further down the road is perfect for the beginner fisherman or fisherwoman since it is deeper with fewer places to snag your line and there are lots of places to sit back, relax and cast. 

They call it fishing not catching, so if you just aren’t catching much and feel like stretching your legs, or maybe fishing just isn't for you. Don’t fear Big Creek will not disappoint! There are many trails throughout the reservoir for hiking or even biking.  

A popular trail is the Ocean to Bay trail that doesn’t technically take you from the Pacific to the Yaquina Bay but is still a peaceful walk through the luscious forest You can start this trail on either side, either in the Agate Beach parking lot or near Sam Case Elementary on NE Fogarty. Seeing that it is called the Ocean to Bay trail, we like to start at the Ocean. The trail extends from the Agate Beach Wayside parking lot through an underpass beneath Highway 101, bears right at the stairs, and meanders along Big Creek, crossing this picturesque stream with several Take in all the views of salmonberry and huckleberry bushes and alder forest.